Boldo Tea for Gallstones

For centuries, this South American plant has been a staple of traditional remedies, with a variety of purposes. Local tradition holds that a farmer observed that his sheep were healthier and had fewer digestive problems after grazing on boldo, and thus its various medicinal properties were discovered. Boldo tea is used as a highly effective digestive supplement and liver tonic, and is not only beneficial for those, but for the gallbladder as well. Studies have shown that boldo tea may help to treat gallstones and reduce their negative impact on the gallbladder.

The Function of the Gallbladder

The gallbladder is a small organ attached to the liver. It is a receptacle where bile produced by the liver is stored until it is released into the intestines to assist in the digestive process. It is also the collective point for many of the toxins and waste the liver filters from the bloodstream, such as cholesterol particles, which are also delivered into the intestines along with the digestive bile to be eventually expelled from the body.

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What Are Gallstones?

Sometimes the gallbladder will fill with a buildup of accumulated waste such as cholesterol and other things. This waste crystallizes into a solid lump known as a gallstone, though it is unknown why this occurs. In most cases, these gallstones do not become large enough to cause a problem, and are flushed out of the gallbladder without much difficulty. In some instances, however, these gallstones can block a duct in the gallbladder, thus impeding the gallbladder’s proper function. This often results in sharp pain and inflammation of the gallbladder, and can dramatically increase the risk of infection in the gallbladder, pancreas and liver. In severe cases, these gallstones may need to be surgically removed.

The Benefits of Boldo Tea

Boldo tea performs a very simple but important function for preventing the buildup of gallstones. When ingested, boldo tea activates the liver’s production of digestive bile. This is not only useful for improving the body’s digestive ability; by increasing the amount of digestive bile, boldo tea increases the rate at which the gallbladder is emptied. This helps to flush out small, barely formed gallstones before they can reach a size that may cause complications. This makes boldo tea a highly beneficial supplement for protecting gallbladder health.