Boldo Tea for Liver Health

In the vast expanse of forest covering central Chile grows the broad-leaved boldo tree. For many generations, the leaves of the boldo tree have been harvested and turned into a traditional herbal remedy for several ailments, most commonly as a digestive supplement or a purported treatment for symptoms of a hangover. Modern research has observed other benefits of boldo, particularly in its ability to promote liver health and function. As the liver is an important organ to our survival, this marks boldo tea as a natural remedy with a highly valuable potential.

The Role of the Liver

Our livers perform a number of important functions on a daily basis. Its main function is to screen blood leaving the digestive system and filter it of toxins, waste, LDL (low-density lipid, or ‘bad’) cholesterol, even some bacteria and viruses. It also produces a number of important proteins, positive HDL (high density lipid) cholesterol, various immune factors, and digestive bile. It even helps to regulate glucose levels, amino acids and clotting of the blood. These many functions make the liver a highly versatile organ with many purposes essential to life.

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Dangers to Liver Health

Because the liver is located around so many other organs, and serves such a variety of functions, it also leaves it greatly exposed to disease and damage. One common danger is an infection from one of the various strains of hepatitis virus. Another is poisoning from toxic substances such as alcohol, drugs, and even some prescribed medication. Similar to the heart, eyes and brain, the liver is also particularly susceptible to lipid peroxidation caused by free radicals in the bloodstream. These diseases may result in a number of side effects that can impede the liver’s function, such as fatty liver disease, inflammation, cirrhosis of the liver, and vulnerability to infection. While the liver has a high rate of regeneration, and is capable of restoring itself after significant amounts of damage, this is also something of a double-edged sword, as it means the body does not typically present symptoms of liver disease unless the liver is in critical condition.

How Boldo Tea May Help

Boldo tea may be used to protect and promote liver health due to its various functions. It stimulates the production of bile in the liver, which serves the important function of removing many of the toxins, waste and bacteria filtered from the blood. This prevents these toxins from building up and causing liver damage. Boldine, one of the main constituents in boldo tea, also helps to protect the liver with two important effects. First, it helps to eliminate free radicals, thus preventing them from causing damage to the cells. It also helps to protect the liver cells from many of the toxins it has filtered, reducing the risk of damage. These effects may be responsible for boldo tea’s use as a remedy for hangover symptoms.  Boldo tea may also promote healing of the liver due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This can help to reduce inflammation of the liver, giving the liver a better chance to repair itself.